Has someone put forward a commercial product where the kite system generates electricity for useful work?     See also: New-markets?

(not yet comprehensive)   This matter is being researched. Please send your data and other products..

  • In 1981, November 9, a filed patent by Mr. Paul F. Pugh  US Patent 4486669. It would be something to see if he sold rights to commercial or toy companies. And if any product went to market...
  • Among the lighted fishing lures are there any that commercially light from electricity generated from the dynamics of the lure itself?  Many lighted lures use small batteries. Typical battery-based lure: "The flasher can be rinsed and dried after each use and will operate indefinitely with replacement batteries."  One company sees the battery-based flashing lure as "This truly is the final evolution."  However, what if one could dispense with the batteries and simply have realtime flutter or jiggle run a tiny dynamo to generate the electricity to light the lures. One patent faces the principle of such self-generation of electricity for an underwater-kite lure. Second reference. 
  • Has any kite company offered hung tails that were spinning a small generator to run lights on the kite? Look to signaling kites used for hobby or rescue or military or meteorology.  There is a patent that clearly specifies having onboard electric generators that tap kite motion for supplying electricity to light lamps for signaling purposes.
  • Has any educational kit-making company included in the product's description and instructions some experiments that would have the student make a subassembly on a kite system that would generate electricity for use in powering lights or sound, or for sending the electricity to charge a battery or a grounded device?
  • It is to be explored what the recreation night-stunt kiters used to light their kites; did they use on-kite generators or batteries?  They have used lofted batteries and also grounded light beams to light kites; but has any seller provided motion aloft in the kite system to power lights in the kite?
  • It is to be explored if anyone in AKA circles placed a small propeller on a kite to drive a small dynamo for lighting the kites for night visibility. Did anyone offer a product or sell a plan for such a system?
  • December 2008 has Dave Santos offer a small system that lights up LED lights:

    KiteLab Sputnik- First Kite-Energy Product to Market?

    KiteLab Sputnik                   2008

    SOLD OUT, NEW MODEL BEING OFFERED SOON: See => AWE Superstore:    Now taking orders (limited offer) for self-tacking power-wing for energy apps @ 10 bucks each, snail-mailing incl.. Credit available to qualified buyers.

    The device is about 2 feet long by a couple inches. It is made of strapping and package tape, with embedded Dacron line and swivel at each end. Most any toy kite will lift it nicely. For now, you need to make your own work-cell to harness the vigorous little tugs generated.

    I've got one strung to a tiny dynamo (with a rubber-band return stroke) that lights red and blue LEDs, plus rings a little sleigh-bell...HO, HO, HO

    Feel free to make your own wing and make it better- it is open source, just share improvements and profits (peer-reviewed honor-license).     Designer: Dave Santos

    See also some history of Dave Santos kite motors.

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