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  • What if the line breaks?
  • What can go wrong?  Solutions?
  • Atmospheric electrical potentials at various altitudes in various weather changes?
  • Final cost of the energy when all system parts and operations are considered?
  • Safety?            Kites by Gomberg
  • Nanotech materials and devices will continue to impact possibilities in generating electricity from kite systems.
  • Blocking or preventing the return sector of the Savonious rotor from receiving drag; allow only the driving upper part of the rotor to be driven by the wind on the Magenn system.
  • Superconductivity
  • Are there ways to use kite systems to practically use atmospheric electricity?
  • As nanotech materials permit very low-leak kytoons to loft hung generators, then more can happen.
  • Demonstrations
  • Compare demonstrated systems
  • Compare successful systems with competing technologies
  • Airspace restrictions, collision with kite lines,
  • Double purposing kite systems with surveillance camera or communications antennae
  • Interfacing with extant electrical grids
  • Having kytoons self-process their own hydrogen for buoyancy maintenance for high endurance of the lifted system
  • Bringing in the best of nanotech materials to achieve low leak in kytoon buoyancy gases
  • Demonstrating wins of kite systems to decision makers
  • Extracting energy from wind changes things; using that harvested energy changes things. What could be the net effects of harvesting large amounts of energy from the wind and then using that energy?
  • When will a kite-energy installation win the attention of AWEA ?
  • When will a kite-energy installation supply electricity for 100+ homes and in what nation will this occur?  
  • When will the first hydrogen barge arrive to port to off-load the hydrogen made at sea via kite systems?
  • Icing of kites and kite lines?
  • At-kite manufacturing of hydrogen gas from air moisture for use of the hydrogen gas to recharge the buoyancy of hydrogen-based kytoon lifters of energy-generation kite systems?  Getting the mass-cost down for such hydrogen generator...?
  • Single-loop kite line ... with the loop line rotating continuously  as the kite rotates the loop ?
  • Kite systems collecting water for drinking?  Potentials?

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