• CyberKite – an automated kite system
  • Festo as a main and only sponsor
  • http://www.aeroix.de/de/projekte/cyberkite/
  • HAWEC    high altitude wind energy conversion
  • Project initiator and coordinator at Aeroix::   Alexander Bormann
  • Germany
  • Home web: Aeroix
  • CyberKite - an automated Hybrid Ram Air Wing Kite System
  • Google meter on October 30, 2009: about 460 for cyberkite. The word     seems to have many non-AWE uses on Internet. 
  • History: Comment on October 29, 2009: "after more than four years"
  • The first balloon in the world that gets its buoyancy with the aid of steam. For the past ten years developing alternative Aeroix lift systems for airships and balloons. Thermal insulation and water vapor as a lifting gas is formed by two key technologies for affordable and resource-driving - Lighter than air.
  • Alexander Bormann was speaker at Chico, CA at HAWP 2009 in November 5-6, 2009
Festo      AirPenguin    CyberKite

Temporary study note for research:

NTS-Concept, NTS plans to market,     EPO on January 16, 2008  patent ... find reference, automatically steered kites, NTS assembles moo-rails, rollercoaster, e.g. Maurer Söhne GmbH. CleanEquity Monaco 2010 - March 4th & 5th,

Former team member: bio of Ivo Boblan.

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July 5, 2010: aerofabrix   Google meter: 1450.



"The gas cells are made from a 7 or 9-layer film impermeable to helium and weigh less than 26 g/m2 – a further high-tech product that can withstand the harsh conditions of outdoor kite flying."